About Us.

For the love of art.

Our Story

For as long as I can remember, art has been apart of my life. In my early years, I would sketch comic book characters and space landscapes. Over time, I embraced design in digital formats using a variety of programs and techniques. 

My family played a huge role in sparking the childlike curiosity that drives me to create and contribute work to our gallery on a regular basis. 

Stylistically, we create work using a variety of styles which creates diversity. We are inspired by the beautiful wonders and people that we are surrounded by. 

We also are committed to excellence. Small details that may escape other artists like edges and how they are sealed are addressed in every work we create. Ultimately, we want our work to last a lifetime before it has to be resealed. 

“Everything we create in this life is art. Each expression communicates our unique personality and can transcend all existing barriers. “

– Gabriel Blazes